Soap Dispensers

Katrina the boys and I went to Mansfield for a few days and stayed at the Mansfield Motel. The Motel was great, we enjoyed it. When we’re away I always like looking at how other accommodation providers do things. Most of the ideas at Bimbi Park are from other places. At the Mansfield Motel they didn’t have the little shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles. They had soap pump packs in the shower and over the hand basin. What a great idea! No more little half used plastic bottles lying around and going to land fill. As soon as I got back to Bimbi Park I started collecting all the used bottles from the cabins to see how much is wasted. Out of 58 used bottles that I collected only 54% of the product was used. This means that 46% of the product, the bottle, the label and cap were going into land fill.

We searched the internet for pump packs and found lots of them. We went with The Dispenser company as they had good quality lockable dispensers.
You can get non lockable ones for home use.

So therefore, each guest uses 10.8ml of shampoo, 10.8ml of conditioner and 10.8ml of shower gel.
A 15 litre tube of bulk product is the equivalent of 1388 little bottles, lids and labels.

1 15lt Reusable Bulk Container = 1388 Single use bottles,lids and labels

In Australia we have 270 million visitor nights* spent in cabins, motels and hotels per year.
That is shocking to think how many of these half used little bottles go to landfill.

* Source: Tourism Research Australia, National Visitor Survey, December quarter 2011