Pet friendly – Dogs at Bimbi Park
off peak and by negotiation on peak

We are now pet friendly. Come to our caravan park with your dog.
We both love dogs and are happy to have you and them stay with us. There is lots to do in the Otways with your dog.

With the comfort and well being of all our guests and wildlife in mind, Bimbi Park has a set of rules for guests who wish to bring their dog.

Soap Dispensers
We searched the internet for pump packs and found lots of them. We went with The Dispenser company as they had good quality lockable dispensers.

Water Conservation at Bimbi Park – Changes we’ve made
We replaced all our shower heads and installed timers on showers in the amenities block.

Originally we had a stainless steel trough urinal. It used 15lt per flush. We replaced it with waterless Uridan urinals.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
When we got to Bimbi there were septic tanks around the park that treated the wastewater, and then the effluent went into realm drains underground and the plants used the nutrients. It has been done this way for years and in sandy soil is very successful. We have taken it one step further. After the septic tanks all the effluent is now pumped to our treatment plant and treated. Without chemicals the effluent goes from a brown murky high nutrient liquid to something that looks like drinking water. It’s “B’ grade water which we can’t drink but can drip irrigate. This reduces our environmental footprint greatly.


We have food bins at all our bin areas so guests can put their food scraps in. These bins go to our chickens, you can feed them yourself. We save 100s of bins of food scraps from going into land fill.

Chickens are a great recycler, they eat our food scraps, dig up and fertilise our soil and give us great eggs, every house should have a few.