Water Conservation

Water Conservation at Bimbi Park – Changes we’ve made

7.5 lt/m Shower Heads and Timers
We replaced all our shower heads and installed token opperated timers on showers in the amenities block. Tokens cost $1, they can be bought from reception or from a change machine in the amenities block.

We will save approximately
1,661,715 litres
per year.

Waterless Urinals
Originally we had a stainless steel trough urinal. It used 15lt per flush. 
We replaced it with waterless Uridan urinals.

We will save approximately
453,195 litres
per year.

Water Restricted Hand Basin Taps
Originally we had 15lt/m basin taps.
They have all been replaced with 9lt/m taps.

We will save approximately
483,408 litres
per year.

Front Loader Washing Machines
We replaced all our washing machines from top loaders to front loaders.

We will save approximately
40,239 litres
per year.

Dual Flush Toilets
We replaced all our toilets from single flush to dual.

We will save approximately
362,556 litres
per year.

We will save approximately 3,001,113 litres per year in total.

Rain Water Harvesting
All the rain water coming from our roofs will be filtered and stored for use in the camp ground.

We will collect approximately
898,700 litres
per year