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Bimbi Park - Camping Under Koalas

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Horse rides at Bimbi Park cater for all ages and levels of ability. Rides are carefully graded, there are experienced horses, qualified instructors, safe trails and approved safety helmets. The sandy soil of the region makes for good riding even after rain.

Trail rides in the Otways are exciting affairs. You can ride along marvelous beaches where the wild windswept waves of the Southern Ocean form an exhilarating background. You can amble through lush expanses of forest and long the cliff tops at sunset.

Rides also take you to Cape Otway Lighthouse, scenic lookouts and some of the pretty bays that dot the Otway coastline.

Trail Rides


Under 14

1 Hr



1 1/2 Hrs



2 Hrs



Other Rides

Private rides if available from
$90.00 per person (min 2)

Led Pony Rides


Please Note:
- All rides are strictly programmed and led    by an  accredited leader

- Rides are graded

- Suitable footwear is required

- Helmets supplied and compulsory

- No personal acceptance of responsibility

Of course you're fully insured during all trail rides, rides are not run daily.

All rides start from Bimbi Park, Manna Gum Drive,  Cape Otway

  1. Rides should be booked in advance. Phone: (03)5237 9246  (Riders should arrive ½  an hour before the time of the ride) 

Horse Riding Event Codes
= Learner   |  (Ad. L) = Have ridden - some trotting   |  (I) = Intermediate  |  (E) = Experienced

Long pants and sealed footwear should be worn.  - Weight Limit Applies:  Under 95kg

HORSERIDING will not proceed on CODE RED days and EXTREME fire rating days.
HORSERIDING will proceed on SEVERE days unless otherwise determined by the Horse riding Leaders.

September 2017

School Holidays


11.00am 1 Hour coastal views and bush ride (L)

2.30pm 1 Hour ride to Station Beach Lookout (L)


2.00pm 1 Hour coastal views and bush ride (L)


10.00am 1 Hour scenic coastal views ride  (L)


11.00am 1 Hour bush ride spotting Koalas (L)






11.00am      1 Hour ride to Station Beach Lookout (Ad.L)


10.00am      1 Hour coastal views ride (L)


October 2017



11.00am      1 Hour ride to Station Beach Lookout (L)


11.00am      1 Hour coastal views and bush ride (L)


11.00am      1 Hour ride spotting Koalas (L)

2.30pm 1 Hour coastal views ride via Windmill (Ad.L)


11.00am      1 Hour coastal views and bush ride (L)


11.00am 1 Hour scenic views ride spotting koalas (L)

2.30pm 1 Hour ride to Station Beach Lookout (L)


11.00am 1 Hour coastal views ride via the Windmill (L)

2.30pm 1 Hour scenic coastal views ride incl. Station Beach Lookout (Ad.L)


11.00am 1 Hour coastal views ride (L)

2.30pm        1 Hour ride spotting Koalas (L)





Led pony rides available after rides    

End school holidays

Re-Riding Old Trails
Please register your contact details if you would like to take part in one or some of the “Those Were The Days” rides which will take place during the Autumn/Winter/Spring period.  
These rides will include Blanket Bay, Parker Hill, Parker Ridge Forest trail, Mouth of Aire River.  These rides are not suitable for learners.  The Program will be posted upon request.

Riding through the Winter at Bimbi Park

Riding is available on most Saturdays only and at other times group bookings only Phone us on: 5237 9246.
Bimbi Park offers the most scenic rides on the Victorian coastline.  The unspoilt Station Beach, coastal sand-dunes, bush trails, Cape Otway scenery, Billy Teas, on well trained, good mannered horses.

We also do led Pony Rides on days listed for rides.  
Bimbi Park is one of the oldest riding establishments around still operated by the same Trail Leader.  This is because we grade our rides to suit our customers, care for our horses and the environment, and have what we believe is, the best scenic trails.

 1.   DANDY    Lets Take It Easy

 2.   JAKE        Spaceman

 3.   FINLEY    Retired Film Star

 4.   RED          Born to Lead   

 5.   LEVI        Tall Boy  

 6.   WILL       The Playboy

 7.   ROCKY

 8.   TYSON   Born to Talk


 9.   MARVIN   The Astronaut

10.  DAKOTA   The White Prince
MITCH    Dreamtime            

12.  PRINCE    Get up and Go

13.  DUKE

14.  BENNY

15.  RONNI

Gallery of Horses

Horse Riding Program