In the local Aboriginal language, ‘bimbi’ means ‘a place of many birds’.
Bimbipark is alive with bird song all year round.  

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Australian Gannet (offshore)
Beautiful Firetail (Point Franklin only)

Black Bird – Common
Bowerbird – Satin
Bronzewing – Brush

Cockatoo – Gang-gang
Cockatoo – Yellow-tailed-Black
Cockatoo – Sulphur-crested
Common Bronzewing Brown Goshawk
Crested Tern (offshore)
Cuckoo – Pallid
Cuckoo-Shrike – Black-faced  
Currawong – Grey
Currawong – Pied
Eagle – Wedge-tailed
Egret – Great
Falcon – Brown
Falcon – Peregrine
Fantail – Grey
Finch – Red-browed
Flycatcher – Restless
Flycatcher – Satin

Frogmouth – Tawny
Goldfinch – European
Goshawk – Grey
Gull – Silver
Heron – White-necked
Heron – White-faced  
Honeyeater – Crescent
Honeyeater – Fuscous
Honeyeater – New Holland
Honeyeater – Singing
Honeyeater – White-eared
Honeyeater – White-naped
Honeyeater – Yellow-faced
House Sparrow
Ibis – Straw-necked
Ibis – Australian White
Kestrel – Nankeen
Kingfisher – Sacred
Kookaburra – Laughing
Magpie – Australian
Martin – Fairy
Owl – Southern Boobook
Pacific Gull (shoreline)
Pardalote – Striated
Parrot – Elegant
Parrot – Australian King
Plover – Spur-winged
Raven – Australian
Raven – Little
Robin – Hooded
Robin – Eastern Yellow
Robin – Scarlet
Rosella – Crimson
Scrubwren – White-browed
Shrike-thrush – Grey
Starling – Common

Skua – Arctic (offshore)

Spotted (Turtle-)Dove
Swallow – Welcome
Swiftlet – White-rumped
Thornbill – Brown
Thornbill – Buff-rumped
Thrush – Bassian
Treecreeper – White-throated
Wagtail – Willie
Wattle Bird – Little
Wattlebird – Red

White-throated Needletail    Eastern Spinebill
Woodswallow – Dusky
Wren – Superb Fairy-wren
Wren – Southern Emu-wren

Please let us know if you see any birds not on this list.
Also please email us any photo’s you may have so we can put them on our web site.

Ref: Australian Birds Donald & Molly Trounson

Great Ocean Walk Track Notes
You will find our Great Ocean Walk Track Notes very helpful, as I said before you can have them for free but please consider our accommodation and services when you decide to do this magnificent walk. 

Our Playground
Our play ground suits all ages.
At Bimbi park there are lots for the children to do.

Pizza Night
Bimbi Park has it own wood fire pizza oven, ask us when Frank will be making his fabulous pizzas again.

 (makes 2 small pizzas)

½ cup of white flour
1 ½ cup of wholemeal flour (I use organic stone ground)
see below for Frank’s Full Pizza Recipe

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Frank’s Pizza Dough
(makes 2 small pizzas)

½ cup of white flour
1 ½ cup of wholemeal flour (I use organic stone ground)
¾ cup of room temperature water
1 table spoon of olive oil
7 grams of yeast
1 tea spoon of sugar
1 tea spoon of salt
(if you want bigger quantities email me)  

Mix flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a large bowl. Add water and oil. Stir until dough becomes firm. Using your hands, put the dough onto a floured bench and knead it until smooth and elastic. (You can use an electric mixer with a dough hook on low for 3 minutes)  

Spray a large bowl with some oil and put the dough in it. Cover with a clean towel and let sit in a warm spot (not in the sun or on the heater).

After about 2 hours squash it up and roll it into a ball again. Let it sit for another hour under the towel and then roll it out to fit on your pizza tray

(I don’t use pizza trays as I cook them the traditional way – in the wood fired oven on the stone). Oil the tray and let it sit for about ½ an hour.

Put sauce cheese and anything else you want. Remember less is more. Traditional Italian Pizzas don’t have a lot of ingredients on them.

Rock Climbing Structure
In Jan 2012 Bimbi Park installed a state of the art Rock climbing structure. Frank, Kat and the boys saw a small portable one at a festival and thought it would be a great addition to the activities in the park. As usual Frank went over board and with Michael from Flashpoint Sports designed a monster.

What’s On in Apollo Bay & Otways
Click links below to download pdf files:
What’s On and Upcoming Events

Great Ocean Walk

Great Ocean Walk
Experience the Great Ocean Walk from the heart of Cape Otway, local advice, good beds, hot showers, proper meals and even a cool wine or cold beer, no carrying of supplies, tents or sleeping bags, just a day pack.

Let us help you experience the Great Ocean Walk.
The Great Ocean Walk stretches almost 100 kilometres from Apollo Bay to Glenample

Otway Treetop Adventures
Otway Fly Treetop Adventures offers a whole host of experiences with the two core activities being The TreetopWalk & The Zipline Tour.The Treetop Walk is a 1 hour rainforest walk experience that is approx 2km in total and features a 600mt long and 30mt high steel structured treetop canopy walkway that takes you right into the treetops. It’s the longest and tallest walkway of its type in the world and includes a thrilling cantilever.

Otway Treetop Adventures
Mark Brack - Marks Tours

Marks Tours
Be taken back 200 years to the time of colonization and beyond, while visiting Cape Otway’s rugged and spectacular coastline. Mark Brack was born and bred in the Otways.
As the son of the Light keeper at Cape Otway Lighthouse, Mark was raised by the sea, absorbing stories of the Light keepers, mariners and experiencing the treasures of the coast and hinterland.

Nearby Attractions
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